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Primary city:
Baltimore, MD
Landline Numbers
Verizon Maryland, Inc.

(410) 563-6000

Owner NameAddressInformation
EXPRESS PARTS & SVC2837 Edmondson Ave, Baltimore, MD 21223Industry: Appliance Repair, Appliance Repair & MaintenanceSite:

(410) 563-6001

Owner NameAddressInformation
Viola Perry4 East Ave, Baltimore, MD 21224

(410) 563-6002

Owner NameAddressInformation
Viola Perry4 East Ave, Baltimore, MD 21224

(410) 563-6004

Owner NameAddressInformation
Robin Reimer330 Robinson, Baltimore, MD 21224

(410) 563-6010

Owner NameAddressInformation
Davis Latoya1601 Broadway, Baltimore, MD 21213

(410) 563-6012

Owner NameAddressInformation
Garnater M Wilson3559 Elmley Ave, Baltimore, MD 21213Email: g...@hotmail.comOccupation: Medical ProfessionalEducation: Associate degree or higher

(410) 563-6013

Owner NameAddressInformation
Dell Hagan7 Chester St, Baltimore, MD 21231

(410) 563-6014

Owner NameAddressInformation
Eleanor K Reed2104 Cambridge, Baltimore, MD 21231

(410) 563-6015

Owner NameAddressInformation
Leon Hanna203 Douglass Ct, Baltimore, MD 21231Occupation: Food Preparation and Serving Related OccupationsEducation: Associate degree or higher
Monique Williams2107 Chase St, Baltimore, MD 21213

(410) 563-6017

Owner NameAddressInformation
Christina Spence518 Belnord Ave, Baltimore, MD 21205
Clarence Friday622 Streeper St, Baltimore, MD 21205

(410) 563-6020

Owner NameAddressInformation
C J International, Inc519 S Ellwood Ave, Baltimore, MD 21224Organization: C J International IncIndustry: Customs Broker & International Freight ForwarderCategories: Freight ForwardingSite:
Daniel B Swezy8560 2Nd Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20910

(410) 563-6023

Owner NameAddressInformation
Linda M Pedersen240 Chapel St, Baltimore, MD 21231
Linda Pederson240 Chapel, Baltimore, MD 21231
Joanne Taylor-Fisher3027 Mayfield, Baltimore, MD 21213

(410) 563-6026

Owner NameAddressInformation
K Uzzel616 Curley, Baltimore, MD 21205
Wanda F Railey2106 Biddle, Baltimore, MD 21213
Alex Railey2106 Biddle, Baltimore, MD 21213

(410) 563-6030

Owner NameAddressInformation
Estelle Lacruze1715 Eager, Baltimore, MD 21205
Jennifer Y Butts1617 Madison St, Baltimore, MD 21205
Y Butts1617 Madison, Baltimore, MD 21205

(410) 563-6031

Owner NameAddressInformation
Manuel C Maurizaca627 S Lehigh St, Baltimore, MD 21224

(410) 563-6032

Owner NameAddressInformation
Carlos A Ramirez3336 E Baltimore St, Baltimore, MD 21224Occupation: Executive, Administrative, and Managerial Occupations

(410) 563-6034

Owner NameAddressInformation
Shakeerah Backmon524 Clinton St, Baltimore, MD 21205
Ann E Backmon524 Clinton St, Baltimore, MD 21205
Michelle L Tharnish533 Decker Ave, Baltimore, MD 21224

(410) 563-6037

Owner NameAddressInformation
Jessie Eggleston1400 E Madison St, Baltimore, MD 21213

(410) 563-6038

Owner NameAddressInformation
Lindsay Moll122 Highland, Baltimore, MD 21224

(410) 563-6039

Owner NameAddressInformation
Margot P Blige2201 Orleans St, Baltimore, MD 21231Occupation: Precision Production Occupations

(410) 563-6045

Owner NameAddressInformation
R Elmy19 Potnic, Baltimore, MD 21201
Richard R Elmy19 Potomac St, Baltimore, MD 21224
Paul Burns4023 Eastern Ave, Baltimore, MD 21224Occupation: Production OccupationsEducation: Bachelor's degree or higher

(410) 563-6046

Owner NameAddressInformation
A WestmorelendBaltimore, MD
Walter Lupo247 Highland Ave, Baltimore, MD 21224
Tiquia Phillips247 Highland, Baltimore, MD 21231
Tika Cox938 N Collington Ave, Baltimore, MD 21205Occupation: Administrative Support Occupations, Including Clerical OccupationsEducation: Associate degree or higher
Bayonna Cox938 N Collington Ave, Baltimore, MD 21205

(410) 563-6047

Owner NameAddressInformation
N Redfern1902 Oliver St, Baltimore, MD 21213
Nikkita Redfern1902 Oliver St, Baltimore, MD 21213
R Kittrell1902 Oliver St, Baltimore, MD 21213
Darren W Petty3304 Odonnell, Baltimore, MD 21224

(410) 563-6048

Owner NameAddressInformation
Dawn WellsBaltimore, MD
Wells Dawn1102 Lakewood Ave, Baltimore, MD 21213

(410) 563-6054

Owner NameAddressInformation
T Cross612 Highland Ave, Baltimore, MD 21205

(410) 563-6055

Owner NameAddressInformation
Jacqueline V Clea1736 Chester St, Baltimore, MD 21213

(410) 563-6057

Owner NameAddressInformation
Chimere Matthews519 Collington, Baltimore, MD 21205

(410) 563-6058

Owner NameAddressInformation
Chad A Tabor214 Chester, Baltimore, MD 21231

(410) 563-6059

Owner NameAddressInformation
Kischa Bakre723 Milton Ave, Baltimore, MD 21205

(410) 563-6060

Owner NameAddressInformation
Ellen Daniel10 Stone Gate Ct, Pikesville, MD 21208Email: Executive, Administrative, and Managerial OccupationsEducation: Bachelor's degree or higher
Rick Daniel10 Stone Gate Ct, Baltimore, MD 21208

(410) 563-6062

Owner NameAddressInformation
Helen E Henderson3327 Ravenwood Ave, Baltimore, MD 21213

(410) 563-6063

Owner NameAddressInformation
Christopher I Bullough3233 Elliott St, Baltimore, MD 21224
Chris I Bullough3233 Elliott St, Baltimore, MD 21224

(410) 563-6064

Owner NameAddressInformation
Eric J Evans912 Conkling St, Baltimore, MD 21224

(410) 563-6065

Owner NameAddressInformation
Patterson Park159 N Luzerne Ave, Baltimore, MD 21224Categories: Banks, Commercial & Savings Banks, Financial Services, Mortgage & Loan Banks, Savings BanksProducts: Bank Owned Property for Sale, Brokerage Services, Checking, CHOICEquity, College Student Solutions, Education Savings Planning, FDIC Insurance, Health Savings Account, Insurance, I...Site:

(410) 563-6066

Owner NameAddressInformation
Samantha L Corbin609 Milton Ave, Baltimore, MD 21224

(410) 563-6091

Owner NameAddressInformation
Cgi NaBaltimore, MD